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18 Games of NFL Glory

We are still nearly a week away from the NFL’s Super Bowl 48, but speculation has already begun about what changes could be coming down from Commissioner Roger Goodell and the owners of the NFL’s 32 teams over this offseason, and one idea that has been resurrected has been the scheduling of an 18 game regular season rather than the current 16 game season we currently enjoy. I had some thoughts about this way back in 2010 that you can enjoy here.

What are your thoughts about an 18 game regular season?


Hear Matt Hasselbeck During the Carolina Game

The NFL has a feed up of Matt Hasselbeck’s communication to his teammates on the Seattle Seahawks during the win against the Carolina Panthers on Dec. 5th. It is a fun listen if you are a Seahawks fan. After hearing how he communicates with players on the field, during huddles, and on the sideline, you can see why players want to play on a team with Hasselbeck, and why Pete Carroll has so much confidence in him as the starting quarterback.


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18 Games of Glory





Seattle Seahawks: Virtually a Lock for the NFL Playoffs

That’s right, I am going out on a limb, but I’m confident that I’m right. You can bank on it. Clear your schedule for the first couple of weekends in January because you will likely need them for playoff football.

The so called experts said that there was no way that Seattle could improve to an 8-8 record. Even with the evidence of what Seattle has done and how Seattle has done it, Peter King, noted editor at Sports Illustrated still ranks a terrible 2-4 Minnesota Vikings teams over the current 4-2 Seattle Seahawks. May I also point out that Peter King was also resistant to get on the bandwagon with the Seahawks in their Super Bowl season in 2005 as well, until they had defeated the Carolina Panthers in the NFC Conference Games and qualify for their first Super Bowl in franchise history.




In another football related note, be sure to check out my article about the chances the Oregon Ducks have to compete for their first NCAA football championship.