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NPR's Science Friday flashes back to the Internet of 1993

Science Friday, as a part of their 20th anniversary celebrations, recently re-posted a show that originally aired in 1993, in which they discussed a new fangled technological development called “the Internet”. Its a fun flashback to what the expectations and hopes were for the Internet as it became more widely available to the public. Some of those hopes and expectations have come to pass, and others were way off the mark.

Photo by Flickr user doortoriver





Top 6 Gadgets of 2010

Just in time for Black Friday here is my top 6 picks of gadgets that debuted in 2010! I explains the benefits and the negatives of each device, and give you the prices. Everything you need to know to find that perfect gift for the gadget lover in your life!



Apple iWork For iPad Updated Today

My favorite features that were added with this update is the ability to export directly from Numbers on the iPad to Excel (No longer do I have send it to my Mac first), and my absolute favorite; word count for Pages!

Jason Snell, of Macworld, has the lowdown on the all new stuff.



Yet one more new fangled place I’ve spread my virtual seed.



It even keeps a datastack of how many people visit your profile and how often your

provided links are used. :)


Bicycle-driven steampunk racer

Stuff like this makes me happy that I’m alive during this time in human history. How cool is that?!

 (published at MAKE Magazine)



Apple TV Revamp, New Nano Touch, and Ping!



Apple unveiled their new iPod lineup, a very different Apple TV, the Ping social network, and a new iTunes yesterday. Learn everything you need to know about what happened yesterday here.



David Letterman's Top 10 Excuses From the Guy Who Lost the iPhone Prototype:


1000 Reasons to Buzz Out Loud!

Buzz Out Loud, appearing on CNET, and abbreviated by fans as BOL, began with hosts Tom Merritt and Molly Wood on April 27, 2005. It is a daily podcast (Monday through Friday) that discusses tech-related subjects in a panel format. Each episode is approximately 40-45 minutes in duration and is streamed live on Ustream at WatchBOL.com and made available for download/subscription from iTunes and other podcatchers. Current permanent hosts are Tom Merritt, Natali Del Conte, and Jason Howell with a rotating guest host spot that is usually filled with either Brian Tong, Rafe Needleman, or Brian Cooley. It is the most popular podcast that CNET currently offers.

The show joins a very small group of podcasts that have been able to reach the 1000 episode mark. Generally podcasts never reach the mark due to podcasting burnout by talent, a lack of resources, or the topic of the podcast no longer becomes relevant. As popular as the show has become the audience for the show continues to grow in numbers as ever more tech savvy members of the audience turn increasingly to an online time-shifted show that fits their schedule.

Thursday’s celebration was performed before a live in-studio audience. It featured special guest appearances by former Buzz Out Loud producer (and current Revision 3 Tekzilla co-host) Veronica Belmont, TWIT network founder and host Leo Laporte, founding Buzz Out Loud producer James Hilliard, Scott Johnson, a cartoonist (ExtraLife and Experience Points) and producer and host of podcasts (The Instance, ExtraLife Radio, and AppSlappy), and Aneesh Chopra, the 1st Chief Techonolgy Officer of the United States.

Select video tributes that were created and submitted by fans in honor of the celebration were aired during and after the show. Among them were amusing Buzz Out Loud parody title sequences that were made in the style of television shows Doctor Who, Macgyver, Mission Impossible, and Star Trek by YouTube user DoctorWhoTitles.


How to make Twitter more productive.

If you are a longtime user of Twitter, you might remember their tracking feature which allowed you to receive automatic updates about subjects or people you found interesting. I loved this feature and got a ton of use from it! I would often track news and information about NIN, the Seattle Seahawks, the Portland Trailblazers, Leo Laporte, Steve Jobs, etc with this feature. 

Unfortunately, they removed it because it was stressing their servers too much, bringing the Twitter service down every couple of days it seemed. In its place has arisen a user driven workaround - the hashtag. When twittering, just add a pound sign (#)before any subject. For example if you were twittering about the recent Portland Trailblazer score you might follow it with #trailblazers, enabling other Blazer fans to find all the recent news, information, and rumors that might be of interest to them on Twitter. A great website that archives all of these hashtags is #hashtags.

 Kevin Rose explains in this guest post how hashtags and 9 other tweeting techniques and habits can be used to increase the number of people who follow you on Twitter at TechCrunch.



Accelerating toward the Big Bang.

I guess everyone by now knows that Google tends to change the graphic on their search engine on special holidays, or when celebrating certain events, such as the Olympics this past August, or the celebration of Albert Einstein’s birthday.

So it was with pleasure that I found this while visiting the Google search engine this afternoon. This graphic honors the recent completion of the world’s largest and most capable particle collider in Switzerland. You can bet your elections that the science geeks around the world are  weak in the knees with excitement.



Here is a video clip  from The Washington Post that will bring you up to speed.