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Apple and Facebook Reportedly Negotiated Over Ping for At Least 18 Months

Silicon Alley Insider reports that Apple and Facebook negotiated over 18 months about the nature of their relationship with regards to Apple’s music social network, Ping . 


This reinforces my opinion that I wish Apple would have used the Twitter API for their friends import feature, instead of trying to make some sort of deal that wasn’t onerous with Facebook.

It just seems that Evan and Biz would be easier to get a deal done with, and with their new twitter rollout, it looks like their numbers will continue to expand from the current 190 million users, making it nearly as useful as Facebook’s 500 million. Ping is only available to users in the U.S. currently, and according to Facebook Statistics, more than 70% of their users are located outside the borders of the United States, which makes Twitter’s numbers very competitive by comparison.


The New Twitter Features Explained

MG Siegler, of TechCrunch, has this nice article, “The Best Subtle Things About New Twitter”, that does a nice job of running down all of improvements that Twitter is rolling out with their new version.




How to make Twitter more productive.

If you are a longtime user of Twitter, you might remember their tracking feature which allowed you to receive automatic updates about subjects or people you found interesting. I loved this feature and got a ton of use from it! I would often track news and information about NIN, the Seattle Seahawks, the Portland Trailblazers, Leo Laporte, Steve Jobs, etc with this feature. 

Unfortunately, they removed it because it was stressing their servers too much, bringing the Twitter service down every couple of days it seemed. In its place has arisen a user driven workaround - the hashtag. When twittering, just add a pound sign (#)before any subject. For example if you were twittering about the recent Portland Trailblazer score you might follow it with #trailblazers, enabling other Blazer fans to find all the recent news, information, and rumors that might be of interest to them on Twitter. A great website that archives all of these hashtags is #hashtags.

 Kevin Rose explains in this guest post how hashtags and 9 other tweeting techniques and habits can be used to increase the number of people who follow you on Twitter at TechCrunch.



The National Debt...

The National Debt Clock ran out of digits so start following the debt daily on Twitter.



$10,620,397,126,433.52 as of today January, 26th, 2009