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Be on the lookout for the following telephone fraud companies!

I spent the better part of two hours cleaning up my phone bill from a  recent cramming scam, and thought I should warn you that it would be wise to double check your phone bill and if the companies  below who are operating these scams appear be prepared to be pissed off.


The companies are SBOonline.org and Unitedtel.com. SBOonline likes to charge people for a non-existent survival kit fee of $15.25 per/mo and Unitedtel.com likes to charge $14.95  fraudently for an MP3service. Both were a serious pain in the ass to deal with. Be careful when calling them they  like to try to phish information out of you. Whoever crammed me used an incorrect residental address and birth date, and in both case these companies tried to get me to provide them the correct data which of course they don’t require to cancel the account. They also don’t need it for a refund because all refunds or credits will be sent to your telephonecompany anyhow.

These kinds of creeps seriously piss me off. I guess a down economy like this really brings out all of the bozos.


If you do have charges like those above you can dispute the charges with them at SBOonline.org (1-877-726-4222) and www.unitedtel.com (773-329-2775).


Hope that helps! Power to the peeps!