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When I was an RPG Playtester...

Anyone who knows me knows that I played a TON of roleplaying games between the ages of 10 and 20. My frequent journeys to End Games (a hobby shop Nirvana when I was a kid) located inside Clackamas Town Center in Portland, Oregon usually resulted in one or more purchases of the Portland based D & D products of local supplement company Sage Lore Productions, Inc.


My ultimate geeky achievement was becoming a playtester for this product, The Handbook of Arcane Artificats , that was introduced into the Sage Lore Productions, Inc. lineup in 1990. I believe you can still find my name in the credits of the playtesters.




How I Spent Last Weekend.... and you?

‘92 reunion band (Wa Conner, James Briles, Joe Sessions, Shawn Mentzer, and Lorna Williams



Yet one more new fangled place I’ve spread my virtual seed.



It even keeps a datastack of how many people visit your profile and how often your

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10 Random Facts About Wa...

1.  Wa is the initials of my first name “William” and my middle name “Angus”. In order to avoid confusion with my father I was nicknamed W.A., which by junior high had evolved into just plain “Wa”.  When I began performing and producing concerts the unusual name seemed to help others remember me.

2. I was born in Connecticut while my father was stationed there,  but I’ve lived nearly my entire life in The Dalles, Oregon.

3. I have been told that I had refused to speak for the first two years of my life. When my grandmother became impatient waiting for me to speak she offered me $5 if I would say the word “banana”. As the story goes, I blurted out the word, grabbed the money, and ran.

4. My mother brought me to the grand opening of our new Fred Meyer in 1979 to meet Spider-Man. I was too shy and began crying at the prospect of meeting the webbed hero.

5. My favorite Read - a - Along 33 rpm vinyl record was E.T.

6. Lawrence Welk once proclaimed that I would be not merely a good, but a GREAT, trumpet player someday. Other than a brief stint with the instrument as a pre-game on-field fill-in in college, I’ve never played the instrument.

7. I won a trip to Disneyland by selling newspaper subscriptions door-to-door when I was 10. I traveled alone by bus round-trip to Anaheim from Oregon.

8. Once while throwing horseshoes in a pit behind our house I accidentally hit a close friend in the head. No major damage was done. He walked away from it with just a bump on his head. Horshoes has never been as enticing.

9. I experienced a crash while cycling on a Boy Scout trip that stripped skin from much of the left side of my body as I slid across the road wearing only shorts and a pair of tennis shoes.

10. When I was five, I was struck by a drunk driver in the crosswalk in front of my school. The force of the skidding car knocked me through the air to the crosswalk on the opposite side of the intersection.


The best football films and more...

It is Autumn and that means it is time for football! Click here for my list of the 10 Best Football Films Ever. Over here I dissipate some of the fear, uncertainty, and doubt that has surrounded Apple in the financial world.


Now available....

Recently four more of articles have seen the light of day.


Enjoy my reviews of David Bowie’s 1996 album Earthling and Skinny Puppy’s The Greater Wrong of the Right.

I’ve made my argument for The Best TV Show of the 80s!

Here are my thoughts about how the Portland Trailblazers will make use of Andre Miller now that they have signed the point guard free agent.




hot off the presses....


12 of the Most Memorable Music Performances I've Witnessed Live

A tough question to answer. Here are a few of my top choices.

1) David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails performing together @ the Rose Garden in October of 1995.

2) Rammstein at the Roseland Theater (Portland, Oregon) in July of 2001.

3) Depeche Mode @ the Rose Garden in November 1998

4) Nine Inch Nails in Ridgefield, Washington in May, 2006

5) Nine Inch Nails in Portland and Seattle in September of 2005

6) Tori Amos at the Rose Garden - Theatre of the Clouds in 1998

7) Nine Inch Nails at the Gorge Amphitheater and the Rose Garden in June of 2000.

8) Ozzy Osbourne @ Key Arena in June of 1992

9)   Imogen Heap @ Arlene Schitzer Concert Hall on June 16th, 2010

10)  Ministry @ Roseland Theater on March 19th, 2003.

11) Billy Idol @ Roseland Theater in 2005.

12) Depeche Mode @ Gorge Ampitheater in August, 2002.


Old School

by request, a photo of me from high school:

yes, I was a band geek who received letterman jacket pins in four different musical groups.

And another one from the iron age:


All Good Things Must Pass...