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Watts Martin, on Why the App Console Model Will Flourish

Watts Martin, of Coyote Tracks, on why the appliance model of computing that Apple has had so much success with on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod, will be the future of most computing platforms going forward, even if they aren’t already, and why that is not such a bad thing after all.

One favorite bit:

“…a lot like the ubiquitous computing of science fiction. Computers are everywhere in sci-fi, but they’re tricorders and PADDs and holographic heads-up displays, and characters only say “computer” when they’re directly asking one a question. The concept of computer has radically changed in that vision in a way which is much more than giving the navigation system the pleasant voice of Majel Barrett. We know this because if it hadn’t, a quarter of the fucking Enterprise crew would be the IT department…”

And finally this bit:

“The model we’re moving toward, though, is premised on the idea that computers shouldn’t require routine tech support. Again, look back at game consoles: an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 is a fully programmable computer with networking capability, offline storage, removable media, the whole shebang, yet all of that is invisible to the user. What file system does a Playstation use and what directories does it put your downloaded games in? The correct answer is: ‘Who gives a shit?’…”