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New World of Warcraft Expansion revealed: Mists of Pandaria


A Review of RIFT: Planes of Telara MMO


I’ve been playing quite a bit of the new MMO, RIFT: Planes of Telara this past month. If you haven’t checked it out and want the skinny of what RIFT is all about, and how it matches up to World of Warcraft, then check out my review here.



Blizzard Product Release Schedule Leaked: A New Blizzard Game in Tail End of 2014

Normally when I see a report of a leaked document from Blizzard Entertainment who produces the hit games of World of Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo, I’m a little bit skeptical,  but after the recent reported firing of a manager from Blizzard’s Chinese Management team for the leak, I took a bit more notice.

A real product slate projection, or a fake?


The leaked document (courtesy of MMOgamesite.com) is a spreadsheet that claims to indicate the target dates (in terms of fiscal quarters) that Activision-Blizzard is aiming in terms of getting the games actually out to the public. Blizzard, of course, is famous for pushing back the release date of a game, if they feel the game is simply not ready for the masses yet, so it doesn’t mean that these dates are carved in stone, and therefore they may be worthless.

But, in any case, it does reveal two WoW expansions coming in 2012 and 2014, which is not a big surprise. A few years ago a Blizzard upper employee said that they were trying to “target a major expansion to be released every year…” They haven’t been quite able to match that, so it is not a surprise that they are looking at about a two year gap between each major expansion, not including large content patches like the Tournment of Champions patch that kept a number of players satiated for another couple of months in 2009.

Nor is it big news that Blizzard is aiming to have Diablo III released during the fourth quarter of 2011. We’ve known from Blizzcon announcements that they must getting pretty close to completeing the game. What is more interesting is that they intend to have two expansions for Diablo III to be released in the second quarter of 2013, and the final quarter of 2015. 

The biggest news is that there is a completely new Blizzard game, possibly the MMO game that has been rumored to have been in development for at least the past 3 years, code named TITAN, to be released during the holiday season of 2014. If that is true, it would be exciting news. If Blizzard maintains that schedule it would mean releasing a brand new MMO game at the same time as they release a 5th major WoW expansion, which would be quite a feat from a managerial and creative team point of view.

What do you think? Have you tried Cataclysm yet? Do you see WoW remaining relevant in 2014? Will MMO games even be relevant in 2014, or will interest in them have waned after nearly two decades of existence in one form or another?

Are you even looking forward to another MMO game from Blizzard?



Lagspike Films Presents, WoW: An Inconvenient Expansion


Arthas: Rise of the Lich King by Christie Golden

Recently I was at the Oregon coast for a couple of days of rest and relaxation. During my time there I picked up a copy of Christie golden’s hardback novel World of Warcraft: Arthas: Rise of the Lich King .

Arthas: Rise of the Lich King, a novel by Christie Golden

As a big fan of science fiction and fantasy over the years I can tell you with complete sincerity that Christie Golden has done a masterful job with this novel. It is perfect for players of the game who have wondered exactly why Durneholme was destroyed, why Undercity is in the old captial of Lordareon, how and why Arthas’s relationship with Jaina Proudmoore is so important, and how it is possible for a powerful and charismatic young man (that is similar to Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader)  to fall so far from grace.


The novel is a light read, so its perfect for that brief weekend at home or at the beach. I recommend it. It is incredibly fun imagining this tale in a world that our characters have traveled so thoroughly!



Alea Iacta Est (AIE)

I’d neglected to mention that I’ve joined the Alea Iacta Est role-playing guild on the Earthen Ring server of World of Warcraft this past week.

“Alea Iacta Est” is Latin for “The die has been cast”. These words were reportedly uttered by Caesar when he crossed the Rubicon river with his troops on January 10th, of 49 BC on his return to Rome in complete defiance of the Roman Senate by refusing to disband his army outside of the city limits.  The Roman Senate had warned that such an action would be cause for War, thus the phrase.

The guild was founded by Scott Johnson host of the podcasts The Instance, Extra Life Radio, as well as his webcomic My Extra Life, and co-hosts Randy Deluxe and Andrew.

Other podcast founders and/or members
 include Veronica Belmont from CNET ( most notably the Buzz Out Loud Podcast), Len and Nora of Jawbone Radio, Brian Ibbot of the Coverville Podcast, members from the WoW Add-ons Podcast, and Leo Laporte of  TWiT.tv podcast network fame.

The guild is exploding in size. It has been loads of fun hanging out with similar minded, crazy and fun people who treat each other with respect and share incredibly sharp sense of intelligence and wit.

If you are a fan of our band or any of these podcasts/podcasters  feel free to drop by and check out the guild sometime.