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Happy Birthday, Jules Verne!

Science Fiction/Fantasy writer extraordinaire, Jules Verne was born on this day back in 1828.

He and H.G. Wells were truly the first really big science fiction writers to hit the public with wonderful adventures that began with the question “What if…?”



Make Inspiration Your Slave...

After you’ve just read an engrossing book, listened to an engaging album, viewed a thoughtful film, or gazed upon a insightful painting, have you ever wondered what inspired the artist while they were involved in the midst of creating these works? Inspiration, unlike lightning strikes, can be self-generated, focused, and controlled (Okay, scientfically I could generate a lightning strike, but you know what I mean, right?).

What exactly is inspiration you ask? It is simply that which moves you intellectually, or emotionally. Inspiration is the thing that makes you ask why something happened, how will it impact you, or those around you, and as a force compels you to find the answers to those questions.

Over here I gave a few tips about how to get your creative inspiration mojo going, and how to keep it going once you’ve got it rolling.

Creativity and Inspiration Are at Your Bidding


6 Tips For Improving NBA 2K11

Michael Jordan will grace the cover of NBA 2K11, to be released in October 2010


With the announcement by 2K Sports that the next installment of their very popular NBA sports franchise will be released in October, I wrote this article with a list of things I sincerely hope that they may add as part of NBA 2K11.


Batman 3: The Way It Should Be Written


























Over here, I recently posted my thoughts on what I would do if I were writing the screenplay for Batman 3, the sequel to 2008’s THE DARK KNIGHT.

Something I didn’t mention in the article is that I would title the film Bruised Ego.


Improve or Get LOST.

Four more of my articles have been published. Check them out. Let me know how wrong I am, as I sure you are wont to do.


LOST: The Villainy of Jacob

Prepare to have your minds blown when you learn about the series altering secret that no one has noticed that was in the episode “Across the Sea” from the Final Season of LOST.


How to Improve the NBA

6 improvements that the NBA could make that would make me as a fan want to attend more games!


Living With An iPad Wi-Fi+3G

A week in the life of an iPad Wi-Fi+3G owner.


Read PDFs With Ease Using GoodReader For iPad

From gaming, to leisurely reading a book, or any long documents, I’ll show you how GoodReader allows you to view just about anything on your iPad.






The best football films and more...

It is Autumn and that means it is time for football! Click here for my list of the 10 Best Football Films Ever. Over here I dissipate some of the fear, uncertainty, and doubt that has surrounded Apple in the financial world.


Now available....

Recently four more of articles have seen the light of day.


Enjoy my reviews of David Bowie’s 1996 album Earthling and Skinny Puppy’s The Greater Wrong of the Right.

I’ve made my argument for The Best TV Show of the 80s!

Here are my thoughts about how the Portland Trailblazers will make use of Andre Miller now that they have signed the point guard free agent.