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Pulp Fiction. The Perfect Dating Movie.


Or, at least, I thought so. Pulp Fiction was the film I saw on my first date with the woman who would become my wife. Twenty one years ago Quentin Tarantino had finished writing the script while hanging out in Amsterdam while living off the $50,000 he’d earned off of Reservoir Dogs.


Mark Seal’s contribution to Vanity Fair this month breaks down how the film came to be, and why it was so monumentally important to aspiring independent filmmakers.


Every Exquisite Detail You Could Possibly Want to Know About the Creation of New Order's "Blue Monday"

All in this wonderful interview conducted by Dave Simpson at The Guardian.



Paperman, directed by John Kahrs.

Wow. Beautiful.






Is it me, or does the building that replaced the home in UP appear in this film as well?

Also, after seeing it a ton of times, I’m of the opinion that while the animation is superb, the music does so much of the heavy emotional lifting…


Sesame Street/Beastie Boys "Sure Shot" mashup video.

Sesame Street/Beastie Boys “Sure Shot” mashup video! Totally made my day!

Sesame Street vs Beastie Boys - Sure Shot mashup (whole song) from Chester Fielder on Vimeo.

via (Chester Fielder)


I highly suspect that Adam Yauch would have dug this.



I enjoyed this advance single from their full length album WELCOME OBLIVION that is due on March 3rd, far more than the material from their recently released EP AN OMEN. 

The video definitely achieves a certain degree of creepiness.



James Bonds by ArkadeBurt

I prefer the upper row consisting of Sean Connery, George Lazenby, and Roger Moore. You can find more of his work here.



When I was an RPG Playtester...

Anyone who knows me knows that I played a TON of roleplaying games between the ages of 10 and 20. My frequent journeys to End Games (a hobby shop Nirvana when I was a kid) located inside Clackamas Town Center in Portland, Oregon usually resulted in one or more purchases of the Portland based D & D products of local supplement company Sage Lore Productions, Inc.


My ultimate geeky achievement was becoming a playtester for this product, The Handbook of Arcane Artificats , that was introduced into the Sage Lore Productions, Inc. lineup in 1990. I believe you can still find my name in the credits of the playtesters.




Man of Steel second trailer is out....


This second trailer reinforces my hope that most of the Snyder cliches were avoided when he directed this film. I love that the script doesn’t appear to gloss over the internal conflicts that Clark had as a child with special abilities among mere Earth mortals.


How the effects in the new James Bond film SKYFALL were created

Plenty of spoilers abound, so I recommend checking it out after you’ve already seen the film. If you haven’t seen the new film, what are you waiting for? Honestly, it is the best overall Bond film since Octopussy in the 1980s. There are also plenty of homages for the longtime Bond fan who has seen all 22(or 23 if you include Never Say Never Again) films in the saga.




Bill Nye: Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children


The reason America has been so successful over the past two hundred plus years is because the American people have always been so willing to embrace innovation and change. Innovation does not exist without a clear understanding of science. Therefore, a scientifically literate public (which sadly seems to be on the decline) should be of paramount importance in the United States.

There are plenty of innovations to come, but we can only realize them if we continue to produce enough scientifically literate citizens to take on the challenges that mean the most to humanity. The creationist world view does not offer any solutions to the problems that challenge us most, and actively hampers the ability of the world’s citizenry to prosper.