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The Other Dream Team...

As a big fan of Arvydas Sabonis, I would have wanted to watch this film about the Lithuanian basketball team in the 1992 Olympics, but after seeing the trailer, I so want to see it for the emotional story of a basketball team whose very presence on the court represented freedom, liberty, and democracy.

check out the trailer:


Tony Scott

With the tragic loss of Tony Scott this past weekend, I’ve been thinking over which of the films he directed were my favorites and why:


1) Top Gun

     The film that truly made him a household name, and it stands the test of time. It was the perfect project to show his dynamic and kinetic rhythm of shot selection, and this is the film that made it crystal clear that Tom Cruise is a bona fide star. The fighter jet dogfighting scenes are impressive, given the film technology of the time.

2) True Romance

     While directed well enough, most of Tony Scott’s films are not known for their amazing scripts. A little known writer/director named Quentin Tarantino solved that problem on this classic. Finally you see the marriage of Scott’s kinetic shot style with a script that can match punch for punch.

3) Beverly Hills Cop II

     With the first Beverly Hills Cop film being such a hit, and Eddie Murphy’s star on the rise, Scott managed to create a film that stands up to its lofty action buddy film predecessor.


4) The Hunger

     A cult classic that is not fully horror, nor fully romance, but sits in an interesting place in-between. He also gets big credit for the perfect use of David Bowie (and years before Bowie would make his popular film breakthrough in Labyrinth). A bonus is the opening sequence in which Scott goes against his nature and directs a languid scene in a smoky club with Bauhaus’ “Bela Legosi’s Dead” pounding in the background, that showed his more subtle touches as a director.


How I Spent Last Weekend.... and you?

‘92 reunion band (Wa Conner, James Briles, Joe Sessions, Shawn Mentzer, and Lorna Williams


Happy Birthday, Jules Verne!

Science Fiction/Fantasy writer extraordinaire, Jules Verne was born on this day back in 1828.

He and H.G. Wells were truly the first really big science fiction writers to hit the public with wonderful adventures that began with the question “What if…?”



New World of Warcraft Expansion revealed: Mists of Pandaria


The Other Woman....


Dragon Age. Violence. Felicia Day. Goofiness. What More Could You Want?


A Patently Perfect Primer on Patents by This American Life...

This American Life, the public radio program that airs across the country over the National Public Radio airwaves, totally nailed what has become wrong with the patent system in the United States, in this excellent episode, “When Patents Attack!”, that was produced in conjunction with the grand folks over at Planet Money.


My favorite part is the Raiders of the Lost Ark scene, when they realize that it is likely that all of the fake offices in a certain hallway somewhere in Marshall, Texas are just small, fictional holding companies (nearly 1300)  that actually belong to Intellectual Ventures, the mac daddy of all patent trolls….


Happy Birthday, Mr. Kubrick

Perhaps watching 2001: A Space Odyssey is in order tonight. :)


Everybody Needs Their Own "Punk Rock Girl"