Cover image by Stephen Randall, aka StrawberryR at Deviantart.com


The new single from Dead Poets Society, “Apoplexy,” delves into the maw of madness. Eurydice, filled with hope and innocence in the moments after wedding her beloved, Orpheus, the son of Apollo, is chased by her husband’s drunken, lust-filled cousin, Aristeus, son of Dionysius. Aristeus falls upon Eurydice, violating her, and throws her body from the jagged cliffs of Thrace onto the seashore below. As the waves lap at her broken form, Orpheus discovers his love and collapses into grief and madness, anguish, and Apoplexy.

In this soul-rending instrumental track, Dead Poets Society gives us a chilling and rage-filled look into grief, loss, and pain.  

Music by Wa.

Cover art image provided by Stephen Randall, aka StrawberryR.

Cover art design by Dead Poets Society.

Madness by Aristaeus.

Death by Eurydice.

Apoplexy by Orpheus.


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Ocean of Wire



“Ocean of Wire” by Jessica Griffin-Conner

Happy New Year!  As we begin our journey into the unknown that awaits us in 2013, I hope you join us on this epic journey with our couples Olivia Orpheus/Alan Fitzgerald, John Orpheus/Elizabeth Harmon, and Orpheus/Eurydice with The Bone Asylum.


Ancient Greece:
Shortly after wedding one another, Orpheus is forced to part from Eurydice as he joins Jason and the Argonauts on their quest for the Golden Fleece.

While Orpheus battles Sirens with song on vast seas far away, Eurydice waits in misery, and with eager anticipation of his return.

“Ocean of Wire” is the fourth single released from Dead Poets Society’s ambitious concept album The Bone Asylum.

The Bone Asylum tells the story of three couples who live in different eras, but are connected by a common tragedy, that leads to one question: “Can Olivia Orpheus overcome her tragic destiny?”

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The Wedding (Sinfonia Morfine) 


The Wedding (Sinfonia Morfine) cover designed by Jessica Griffin-Conner

“The Wedding (Sinfonia Morfine)” is the third release from our concept album THE BONE ASYLUM.


  Our three protagonist couples make vows to their partners.

In ancient Greece: Orpheus and Eurydice wed.

Late 19th Century London: John Orpheus and Elizabeth Harmon wed.

21st Century Portland, Oregon: Olivia Orpheus and Alan Fitzgerald exchange vows to
one another and begin living together.


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The 2nd song from our new concept album The Bone Asylum, we are proud to release “Eclipse” featuring guitar performances by Michael Angelo Ormando. Available today on iTunesAmazon.com, , Spotify, Google Music Store, and soon on Rdio and many other fine digital outlets.

Dead Poets Society - “Eclipse”, cover design by Jessica Griffin-Conner

At this stage in our story, Olivia Orpheus is wracked with grief after the loss of her lover Alan to terminal cancer. She seeks out answers. She ponders what, or even IF there is a future for her:



black sun dawning on my technicolor day
old goths never die they only fade to grey
blackness surrounds me but I’m not the only one
I recognize resentment in the eyes behind the sun.

don’t take away this love I have longed for
please take away this pain….
My heart is filled with untouched emotion
eclipsed by endless rain

white orb light fills me and I am complete again
if wholeness can be measured when your barely even sane
killing my presence until there is nothing left to see
nothing but the emptiness you’ve left inside of me…

don’t take away this love I have longed for
please take away this pain
My heart is filled with untouched emotion
eclipsed by endless-

rain beats on my window
a million stars descending down
shattered drops of crystal
burst on the pavement with no sound
in these tears I wander
my essence dead but mortal bound
without your sun my shadow
is hidden in this earthly shroud

don’t take away this love I have longed for
please take away this pain
my heart is filled with untouched emotion
eclipsed by endless rain

don’t take away this love I have longed for
please take away this pain
my heart is filled with untouched emotion
eclipsed by endless rain


lyrics by Jessica Griffin-Conner
vocals by Jessica Griffin-Conner
guitars performed by Michael Angelo Ormando ( aka Michael X of The Dragonflies/The Raven Trybe)
mixed and engineered by Wa Conner and Jessica Griffin-Conner
produced by Dead Poets Society


"Gates of Hell"  *updated*

Fans have been able to stream this song for years, but you’ve never been able to officially purchase a copy. We are proud and very excited to announce that after nearly ten years of work, you can finally get your own official digital download of the first single from our next album THE BONE ASYLUM from CDBaby  Amazon iTunesSpotify, and Rdio.

THE BONE ASYLUM, the third full length release of Dead Poets Society, is a concept album that tells an epic story about love, loss, and grief. It is our most personal album, and is sincerely the one of which we are most proud. When we created Dead Poets Society way back in 1998, this was the album that we had always envisioned crafting.

“Gates of Hell” is intensely grooving electronica that is topped off with guitars, synthesizers, and piano, drops you right in the middle of the action as you experience the determined journey of Orpheus to recover his beloved Eurydice, who is being held hostage Hades the God of Death and King of the Underworld. The piano leitmotif is Orpheus, and the string leitmotif is Eurydice.

After many disasters, personal crises, and life adjustments, Dead Poets Society almost didn’t make it to this point. We think that you will agree with us that the wait was worth it.

We will be releasing more singles from THE BONE ASYLUM over the next few months, including many that no one outside of the band has ever heard before. We hope to have the album available for digital download by late 2012 or early 2013.


Dead Poets Society: Gates of Hell